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AAAThank you for visiting cascadekayaks.com! Kayaking is a popular sport all over the world and around the nation. Considered an outdoor adventure sport, this wild ride often lands people in the time of their lives in the water. This type of sport has levels for all kinds of people, beginners, experts, and novice. There are even different types of kayaking for the slow movers or for those who lust after adventure and the thrill of natures natural roller coaster.

For some it's all about the location in which they have decided to enjoy their kayak ride, they want the beautiful blue waters of somewhere tropical. Where as others prefer the rushing waters of mountain rivers. It all depends on the type of kayaker you are. But, for anyone on here we have the information you need including: the best places to kayak, and the differnet types of kayaking so you can decide what fits you best!